Lintang series

I’ve gotten quite a few emails recently from people asking if there will be more books in the Lintang series.

First of all, thank you so much to the readers who either bought or borrowed all three of the Lintang books, then loved them enough to contact me! I sincerely appreciate your emails and enthusiasm.

At this point, I’m afraid there are no plans for more books in the Lintang series. Sorry to deliver such sad news.

But… never say never…

New Title and Blurb!

The third book in the Lintang series has an official title and blurb!

From the Penguin website, read the blurb for Lintang and the Brightest Star below:

A prophecy has been spoken. A monster has awoken.

As the conquering hold of the United Regions continues to spread, time is running out for Lintang, Captain Shafira and the crew of the Winda to find allies in their quest for peace.

But when they arrive in the war-torn country of Kaneko Brown, the rebels who were supposed to help turn them away. The rebels are scared – the Vierzans have summoned a category ten mythie that devours the star of anyone who dares stand against them. Worse, the mythie has been prophesied to mean the end of Captain Shafira.

Lintang must find a way to stop the most dangerous mythie in the guidebook … or she’ll lose her beloved captain forever.

Where You Can Find Me At PWF

Perth Writers Week Family Day is next Sunday, and I'll be at the University of Western Australia all day. Here's where you'll find me:

10am-10.45am - Lintang and the Forbidden Island storytelling session with Glenn Swift (Uni Club - Seminar Room 3)

10.46am - Signing books (Signing Marquee)

11.30am-12pm - Lintang and the Pirate Queen Storyland session (Uni Club - Upper Colonnade)

2pm-2.45pm - Curated by Kids (Courtyard)

Hope to see you there!

Lintang on TV!

Lintang and the Pirate Queen was featured on Cover to Cover ep 32! Starts at 16.32 minutes. Jennifer Jackson from Paper Bird said some wonderful things about it. (Unfortunately, at this time, Lintang is only a three-book series.)

Lintang was in great company - there are so many amazing West Australian authors. I'm lucky to be in this region.