Guidebook Entry #1 - Tamara Moss (Australia)

Tamara Moss (Tamz) is a suburban human of the "author" and "teacher" category. She majored in Asian Studies at university, and spent ten years trying to publish many manuscripts.

Anything but lactose. And brussel sprouts.

This human is in Perth, Western Australia with her husband and her dog Tilly McSchmoopyface.

Single entity.

Tamara Moss spends her weekdays as a tutor. The rest of her time is spent working on manuscripts. The Lintang series is out now in Australia. The first book, Lintang and the Pirate Queen, is due out in the US Fall 2019.

Keep this human away by presenting her with spiders, cats or any sort of intolerance.

Did you know?
Tamara Moss speaks some Japanese.