My Week (and the Big Announcement)

It has been a CRAZY week this week. Everything happened at once!

Monday: I received a REAL copy of my book in the mail! Not an ARC. An actual, bumpy copy (the word LINTANG is raised, so yes, it's actually bumpy). I filmed The Opening of the Parcel and posted it on my twitter.

Also! I donated a book to the Authors for Grenfell project, which is raising money for the residents of Grenfell Tower. If you want a pre-publication copy, head on over to my page and bid before 27th June.

Tuesday: A very large box of books arrived for me.

Wednesday: I went on a school tour with Tristan Bancks, who is the author of many books, including Two Wolves, which was an Honour Book for the 2015 Children's Book Council of Australia awards (that's a big deal). We visited a few high schools and I watched him present so I would have an idea what to do when I have to present. Gulp.

Thursday: I received an email from my publisher talking about my cover for Lintang and the Forbidden Island, which is the second book in the Lintang series. I love emails about book covers.

Friday: I can finally make my big announcement!


Anne Hoppe at Clarion bought the North American rights to Lintang and the Pirate Queen, and it'll be coming out in the US around Fall of 2018. The announcement can be found here.